Customize and Share Your VINE with the world!







Craig Tilley

Customize and Share Your VINE with the world!

Choose from these options or request custom pieces, murals, commissions, events or learn how you can become part of the project. You can reach me at 770.355.7779 - FREE MOCK-UPS


The Grapevine Wall represents what we share in common and what we stand to lose as we narrate the epic story of our transition into a sustainable future together.

Each piece of the Grapevine Wall (called a VINE) tells a part of the entire story of humanity's struggles, both internal an external as we move to a sustainable future. All the VINES link together to create an ongoing storyline.

The pieces are created on an iPad using the procreate® app in two ways. 1.) By extending lines and colors from completed works or 2.) Created as a separate piece with a crowd of people and then linked to the overall wall with new works. A truly interactive and growing virtual (and physical) art installation.

You can learn more about the artwork and the story at

If you would like to see an interactive example of a vine created with lines drawn from a group of co-creators you can find it here -

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Hope - Joy - Love - Compassion

Inspiration - Growth - Mindset

Girl Power

Strength - Courage - Confidence

Future Tech - AI - Robotics - Nano - Bio - Science

Wonder - Euphoria - Awe

Sustainability - Resources - Environment

Uncertainty - Fear - Concern


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